Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I love my nook!

A few weeks ago I purchased a Nook e-reader from Barnes & Noble.

I have used it non-stop ever since. Well, not quite, but almost!!

I chose the Nook over other brands mainly because it is compatable with what our library uses for checking out e-books (the Kindle is not). Since I work at the library, I wanted to take advantage of ebooks our library offers. I've also been able to get quite a few deals on ebooks, some even free. I purchased a NASV of the Bible for $2.79 and have used it during church and even have done some highlighting and notetaking right on the Nook!!
On our recent trip to CT I listened to an audio book that I had loaded onto my Nook.
I have actually put several audiobooks on a mini-SD card and can then listen to those books on either my Nook or my netbook.

Travelling with the Nook was great & it's nice to have lots of books in one location - just pick up and go...However; I don't imagine that I will ever give up the old standard...there's just something about the experience of reading through the actual "hard copy!"
(This picture is a portion of my library that is located in my basement. We've been working on the basement ALL summer and are still not finished with it, but there are parts of it that I'll be revealing to you SOON!!)

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Beth said...

I CANT wait to see your basement!!! I remember it before Bethany's room was even down there! (man, I'm old.)