Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's On Your Nightstand - April

Today I am joinging in with 5 Minutes for Books to show you "what's on my nightstand." I always have several books going & right now I'm in the midst of some pretty good ones!
Sorry, no fiction right now...I just finished up a couple of those.

"The House That Cleans Itself" - is a book I've been working on for awhile. I am in the process of decluttering, purging & making everthing work towards cleanliness in my house!

"Bloom Before You're Planted" - I've just started skimming and will begin reading it in earnest this week. It is the book that will be used for an online study. Check it out here.

"Beauty by God" - is written by Shelly Balestero who was one of the speakers at the Woman Inspired Online Conference. It's a great book with lots of practical information.

"Clutter-Free Christianity" - I decided to get after I had heard some great recommendations on it. Since I'm decluttering my home...might as well work on the spiritual life as well. The book is about cutting through the clutter in order to get to the heart of what it means to please God and be like Christ in action & attitude. So far it's been a great read.

"What He Must Be" - by Voddie Baucham...I just bought that yesterday, but am about half way through. It is about what a man must be in order to marry my daughter. Very good book!! It covers so well what it really means to be a Christian & a leader. Excellent when helping your daughters make wise choices, but equally sobering when considering how to help train your sons in becoming that man.

5 Minutes for Mom & 5 Minutes for Books are having some GREAT Mother's Day Giveaways. (I mean GREAT...as in a Mini Laptop or digital camera great!!!!) Hop on over there and check them out!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I Found Something Beautiful!

Yesterday I stood outside on our back deck and took a look around me. Spring is not the prettiest sight in northern Wisconsin. It's almost depressing at times if you just take in the big picture. This morning I stopped by the Inspired Room. She challenged us to capture special moments and find or create something beautiful. This post made me stop and realize that there was some beauty out there...I just needed to find it!! This afternoon I spent some time removing leaves and winter debris from the flower gardens and found that the lilies are coming in nicely...
...so is the rhubarb (yum!)...

...and the daffodils are doing great!!

I feel sooo much better about it all now!! :) To top it off, it was over 70 degrees here today!!
I'd like to encourage you to go back to the top of this post, click on the link and head right on over to "The Inspired Room", because she is having a great giveaway. It is actually a KODAK EASYSHARE W1020 Wireless Digital Frame with Home Decor Kit valued at $269.95. Isn't that great??!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Woman Inspired Online Conference

Attending the Woman Inspired Online Conference last week was a HUGE blessing. I would encourage everyone to check out their website and make plans to attend the next conference which will be June 8-11. Having a conference online was a bit different, but actually worked out well, I thought. I didn't have to spend a lot of money to stay somewhere, and I didn't have to get all dressed up either!! :) Here's a blurb from their website about the upcoming conference:
About the A Woman Inspired Ministry: Online Conference:
Modern technology has opened up new doors of opportunity for
ministry. Women who were once confined to space and time due to duties at home
can now finish their tasks and sit down to a whole new mission field; one that
knows no limits. It is the Internet.How do you begin? What should your
boundaries be? Must I Twitter and Facebook? If so then what are the advantages.
Are these friendships that you are forming real or imagined? Do you need a blog?
How can you branch out?We have a team of ladies who are very educated in the
ways of the internet and online ministry. They can show you how to begin,
maintain, branch out, and even how to deal with adversity. This conference is
for anyone who is ready to make a difference via the internet.
Check out this page for information on several up-coming conferences!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tie - Dyed Eggs

I've been seeing the tie - dyed eggs popping up all over the world wide web.

Here's my feeble attempt:

Ties are pretty cheap at Goodwill (and my husband had a few ghastly ones that look pretty good as egg coverings!!!)



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am an Inspired Woman!!!!

This has been a great week at The Woman Inspired Online Conference!!!
This picture sums up what I feel like right now...very refreshed!!!!
There is a lot of information to digest and reflect upon. I'm looking forward to two more encouraging days of fellowship. I'm sure that you can still join in for the final days. The sessions will be available for download after May 9th.
Check it out!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

A New Era

In just a few short weeks it will be the beginning of a new era for me. My youngest will be graduating from high school and is making preparations to head off to college. My second child is currently in Bible college. She will hopefully be finishing up next year. My oldest daughter is now a mommy. She and her husband travel with Bible Revival Ministries. So...all of my babies will be grown up & out of the house (well...except for this summer when everyone will be home...and every weekend when the younger two come home from college). ANYWAY...after seventeen (yes, 17) years of homeschooling I am excited, fearful, and wondering what in the world I will do with all of my time. I don't want to waste my time. I want to grow in my relationship with the Lord and be a servant for Him. I don't want to jump into anything too quickly, yet I want to be available. I'm praying that the Lord will direct me and help me to use my time wisely. There are so many opportunities in our church, community and even in the blogging world. I know that it would be easy to just hibernate for awhile and play "woe is me - my nest is empty," but I have raised my children to do what they are doing. It is very fulfilling to see them each grow and mature. Exciting days are ahead!!!
I just want my heart to be in the right place.