Thursday, August 23, 2007


There are several area shows coming up that I am in and I'm working hard trying to get ready. I'm making lots of soap, room sprays, journals, etc. I'm excited about a new one for me this year. It's in a barn and runs for several days over the Labor Day weekend. The lady who owns it runs the whole thing and I don't even have to be there!!! Of course I will go and see what I can find! Right after Labor Day school will start up again. We are in our 16th year of homeschooling - WOW! Time flies. Only one pupil left out of three :) and just two more years!! Think of all the time I will have to craft then. It has been a wonderful experience spending large amounts of time with my kids and them spending so much time together. The three of them are really close and have great relationships with each other. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. The oldest two have done well in college and are wonderful young ladies.
Better get back to the crafting...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Around the House

Here are some pictures of some of my favorite spots around my house. I'm transitioning from rustic/country/primitive and throwing some "foofy" in - a bit more pink and "pretty" mixed in with it all.

Somehow I'd like to be able to combine the two to some extent.

On the left is a large window that I painted and have hanging over the entertainment center. I have another exactly like it and would love to make a coffee table out of it...some day!!
I love dried roses and pictures of people I love. The above picture shows the top of my dining room hutch. The oval picture is my greatgrandma. She was an amazing lady and I have heard so many stories about her. The other picture is my grandma and grandpa with my mom and my uncle!! I LOVE that picture.

I've been stuck in a rut with the house for several years and the creativity is just beginning to flow...slowly...but I will get there!!! :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's Soooo Good!!!

Have you ever eaten at Red Robin? I ate there this week with my sisters and my mom. We took her there for her birthday (she suggested it!) I had the Bonzai burger ($8.29!!!) Today I made my own version. Just mixed up some brown sugar and soy sauce, and marinated the burgers with it while they were grilling. Then I did the same with some pineapple. They turned out pretty good!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

What a fun day!!

My head is still spinning from all of the ideas at the Artful Blogger Party. What fun to look at the great ideas and spend time looking at some fun blogs!! I was inspired to do some crafting today...

A notebook to hold lots of new ideas (vintage wall paper - a HUGE roll for a quarter at a garage sale!) Sorry, the pictures are not the clearest.And, back in Feb. I bought tons of metal picture frames that Target had in their Dollar Spot. I've been adding paper, embellishments & magnets. They can be used for pictures, recipes, whatever. I did this one last night. Notice the magnet on the right - got that idea from the origami video someone linked to. The flowers are some vintage ones that I picked up in a big bunch for a quarter at a local thrift shop! Tomorrow I'm headed thrifting and rummaging with my sister.
Hopefully I'll find lots of treasures. Gotta run!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

ArtsyMama's Artful Blogger Party

For those of you who haven't heard...There's a party going on!!! Check it out at
It's getting late and I decided that I would throw in a tutorial for refrigerator magnets that is SUPER easy. Something that anyone can do!! The story is...we live way out in the middle of nowhere, so we have no garbage service, but a local dump - which has its perks! :o) Not long ago, my husband came home with a huge bag of old silverware. It doesn't take much to dress them up a bit with some vintage lace, ribbon, or millinery flowers. Then hot glue two magnets on the back. I've been selling these at local craft shows. Some people prefer them plain. How easy is that?!!

And here's one more picture to prove that our dump is the best one ever!!! Check out the iron bed frame I brought home last month!!!