Thursday, August 9, 2007

What a fun day!!

My head is still spinning from all of the ideas at the Artful Blogger Party. What fun to look at the great ideas and spend time looking at some fun blogs!! I was inspired to do some crafting today...

A notebook to hold lots of new ideas (vintage wall paper - a HUGE roll for a quarter at a garage sale!) Sorry, the pictures are not the clearest.And, back in Feb. I bought tons of metal picture frames that Target had in their Dollar Spot. I've been adding paper, embellishments & magnets. They can be used for pictures, recipes, whatever. I did this one last night. Notice the magnet on the right - got that idea from the origami video someone linked to. The flowers are some vintage ones that I picked up in a big bunch for a quarter at a local thrift shop! Tomorrow I'm headed thrifting and rummaging with my sister.
Hopefully I'll find lots of treasures. Gotta run!!

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Inspired Tokens said...

Love the idea of the notebook covering it with wallpaper. I just have my ideas, etc in binders. I must decorate them to look as lovely as yours. Can't believe the ton of ideas I'm getting from blogging. Recently stubbled onto blogging and now I'm hooked. Also, love your idea with the spoons, going to get all of my old spoons and try a few.