Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding Cake

This past weekend was my daughter's wedding. It was, of course, of the DIY variety! Things started to spin out of control the morning of the wedding, but eventually everything came together. I will have lots to post in order to show you all of the wedding - but let me just start with the cake!!

Here it is, start to finish:
I started off with 4 square pans and made 2 layers of each - one chocolate and one white.

 Next came the buttercream. The buttercream on the sides and tops was basic vanilla, but in between the layers was either strawberry or caramel. Once the buttercream was on, the dowels were inserted for support.
 Then came the fondant...lots and lots of fondant! It's really a lot easier than you would think!
 Several dozen daisies made out of gum paste...I bought a powdered base, mixed it with water, rolled it out and cut it out with daisy-shaped cutters.
After stacking, I added a little ribbon and "glued" on the daisies (with powdered sugar & water "glue").

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