Friday, September 10, 2010

Cabinet Re-Do

This morning I spent some time looking through some of the Frugal Friday Posts at The Shabby Nest. Lots of great ideas and fun things to look at…so I decided to link up and share the re-do of one of my favorite frugal finds!!!

About 15 years ago my husband stumbled upon this HUGE cabinet. He was reading electrical meters at the time & spotted this buried under hay in an old barn. The owners parted with it for a mere $20. For years it stored canned goods and just sat as we found it…kind of a dirty white.

I’ve always wanted to do something with it, but was afraid to attempt it. Let me just say…if that’s you, DO IT!!!! APPLY THE PAINT!!!!!!

I LOVE it in black! Also, I removed the hodge-podge of stuff and am now displaying the dishes that my daughter bought at a garage sale for $10!!!

Aren’t they pretty? I’m so glad that we bought them. We stood there for awhile debating. What in the world was the debate about? $10??? Goodness!!


Jeannine said...

Good for you for taking the plunge! Painting can be therapeutic, I find. And the dishes are so cute. Dressy everyday type dishes. Love them

Vintage Home said... what a diff!

kelley @ the eclectic owl said...

oh my that black looks beautiful!! such a wonderful transformation! and for only $20 can't beat that! thanks for the sweet comment on my blog cathy! :)

Beth said...

I CANT believe you painted it! I love it. loved it before too. Pastor Scott is a great treasure hunter :)

Pam Warden Art said...

Your last comment...Just do it! Really spoke to me. I have been looking at my white cabinet, and not loving it either, for quite awhile. I was nervous about you painting yours. But, I've seen it in person and it even looks better than the picture :) What Black did you use?
Also, want to get a Nook, is that the one you'd still recommend? I love that you got a Bible for 2.79.