Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer is Over!!

I am ready to enter the blogging world again. The summer was great fun and went by so quickly. It was nice to have ALL of my family home for the summer (grandson & all!!) We had so much fun.
Lots of work too, though. The kids were all busy working several jobs. I even got a part-time job at the local library! We worked together and cranked out eight craft shows. (Lots of busy weekends!!) For one of them we were able to take another trip to Mackinac Island. I love it there and am looking forward to another quick trip there this fall with my mom.

Summer ended with my oldest daughter and her family heading back on the road with Bible Revival Ministries. Three days later our nest was empty as my other two went off to college. It's been very different around here with a quiet house, but I'm looking forward to getting back into teaching a Ladies' Sunday School class & working with the children's groups on Wednesday nights. My new job is keeping some of my time filled and I'll be doing the pre-school story time at the library as well as regular library responsibilities...should be fun!
While I've been away I have kept up on some of my favorite blogs and have lots of ideas swirling in my head! I'm getting adjusted to my new schedule & plan to keep this blog updated!!
I had more pictures to share with you but blogger isn't letting me put them where I want right now. So...I'll end this short and be back shortly!!


Lisa said...

Looks like you had a lovely summer! Glad to have you back!
Hugs, Lisa

Tracey said...

Seems like you had a great and very busy summer. I feel for you with the empty house. My youngest left for college and seems like my husband will be away a lot during the next few months with the military getting ready for deployment. Quiet...not use to it either.. welcome back.. missed reading your blog!

Emily said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your summer!

Cute kiddos! :)