Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sorry, etsy...

I had been hoping to get some items listed in my etsy shop this fall. It has been woefully neglected. two weeks I will be a vendor at Warrens Cranfest. I've been spending every day...all day...preparing for it.'s a peek... Here is some of my new soap - Clean Fun. It's clean. It's fun!!! (The smell reminds me of Skittles)

These are (like they say) Solid Bath Oils. They are made with cocoa butter and sweet almond oil & scented with Snickerdoodle fragrance oil. Just one little bath melt and your skin feels super soft!!

The laundry soap has been a success this season. I need to make lots and lots more of it. I began using the name "Grandma's Laundry Soap" conjuring up images of some elderly woman fashioning her soap & hanging her laundry on the line...Hmmm...
In 9 weeks, I, myself, will be a grandma. Prepare yourselves for pictures!
I found these cute molds at a garage sale a week or so ago. They make great soaps!!
Still cranking out the cupcake bath bombs. The problem is, my daughter and I feel the need to run a test drive on them approximately once a night.
The dining room table will hopefully be useful for meals again, shortly!!

Once this sale is over, I WILL be dumping everything left into my etsy store!!

1 comment: said...

Love the jello molds and your signature! Cute :)
We had a great show despite the rain and breeze. At least I kept having hot flashes so stayed pretty warm :)