Saturday, May 10, 2008

I hope that all of you mothers have a wonderful Mother's Day!!
Below is a picture of my mom, taken in 1936 - I'm taking a guess on the year, but it's a pretty educated guess!! I love this picture & it looks a lot like my daughter looked about 18 years ago. Some day I'm going to make something neat using this picture for each of my sisters. I have to find just the right thing, will come to me!


Scrappy Jessi said...

Happy Mothers Day!!

http:/ said...

I'm hosting an "I Live In My Own Little World But It's Ok They Know Me Here" photo challenge. Show us where you sit & write your blog and all the other special things around your space. Indoor and outdoor. I am giving one of my collages, via email, to each person who joins in so let me know in a comment on the Own Little World blog. Anyone is welcome to join.
Hope to see your Own Little World...
Next we have to do the other Challenge together! Testing the waters...

http:/ said...

I can see each of your kids in this photo of your mom. That was a fun tonight at church.