Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cruising Along

...So, I'm cruising along on the way to recovery...I'm getting the hang of the new computer...we got a hard drive enclosure, and I was able to recover all of my old pictures and documents!!!!! I decided to bring my camera to church last Wednesday to take pictures/videos for a DVD that I'm making for the closing program for our Wednesday night kid's club. ANYWAY...I dropped my camera and it is no longer working. Electronics!!! What a bother! So, it's off to town (we live an hour from any civilization) this weekend to do some rummaging with my mom & sister, AND to look for a new camera. Hopefully when I get back I'll have lots of pictures of my thrifting finds to show you (and a camera with which to take those pictures!!)

Here are some pics for you - some things added to etsy & just random things I'm working on for the craft season.


Daisys Little Cottage said...

Hi Cathy,
Your little spool picture holders / place card holders are so darned sweet. Sorry to hear about your camera. I have a tendency to drop and break cell phones. Its not an easy thing. You have to get them to lnd at a certain angle and with just the right amount of force so as to ruin them.

http:/ said...

Didn't eat any pretzels today, but there is always tomorrow.
Pam :)