Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Week in Pictures

Welcome Company Girls!! I'm looking forward to making the rounds and seeing how all of you did this week. I have to week was pretty routine. I tried to get some of the "small things" from Home Sanctuary

Sunday, of course, started out with church. The furnace was not working in the auditorium, so we all went into the gym and had church there. It made things a bit more laid back and we changed up the schedule some, but it still was a blessing and a good time of being together.

On Monday, we headed up to NIU for my daughter's basketball game. Unfortunately, they did not win, but it was a great game!!

Here she is during pregame...

...and in action...
(and yes, she is only wearing one sock...but it's a special sock for some leg problem she is having)
...and here she is with her team - front and center - (well, left and center),
doing I'm not sure what...
On Tuesday I headed in to the library for work. This is behind the circ desk (where I spend most of my time).
Tuesday was story time and we read lots of books about crazy clothes!!

Then we made some cute clothes for some paper dolls. (It's a tough job!)

On Wednesday I was back at the library for most of the day.
On Thursday I was back at the library for ALL of the day.

And today, I will head back to the library for the evening!!!

That pretty much wraps up the week!!

I worked a bit more than usual so I wasn't able to accomplish much around the house.

Working on organizing, purging and simplifying is still high priority around here.

Soon, VERY soon, I am planning on posting some pictures of what I plan on working on for ORG JUNKIES 28 Day Organizing Challenge. I've taken the pictures already. They're not very pretty & definitely embarrassing, but perfect for this challenge!!


One More Equals Four said...

I worked in the library in college and loved it. It was so...peaceful!

Good job on what organizing you have gotten done. I need to do a ton but just can't seem to get to it!

Lea said...

So enjoyed my first stop by your blog. And, my niece is a Freshman at UNI! She is from DesMoines. Enjoyed your pictures, even the ones of the library. Blessings to you!

Melinda said...

I thought about entering Org Junkie's challenge. But I don't know which area to start with!

dawn said...

Fun to see your week in pictures. my first job in high school was at the library...

When the weeks get crazy, it gets so hard to get the rest of the home stuff done...

Good luck on the challenge...keep us posted!

my home sanctuary said...

I'll have to look into the challenge. I love the photo of your church. I hope you get the furnace fixed. It was fun reading about your week in photo's.
Good luck on the organizing. I need it too!
BTW I am having a book giveway at my other blog. Do you have time to read?LOL. Go over here and leave a comment to enter.
Hope your weekend is Blessed and warm.

carikaufm said...

totally checking out org junkie's challenge...thanks for the tip!

Anna said...

I'm trying to do Org Junkies challenge as well. I did get a little start on things, but I have a long way to go.
I used to work at a library (pre-children) and really enjoyed it. Libraries are still one of my favorite places to go.

Joe Everson said...

Brooke looks like she is pretty serious! Hey. do you have a button? I just made one and found out how to put the code below the button.

Anonymous said...

I would spend my days at the library if I could. My kids love the library!!! We love storytime and check out way too many books, even though we have hundreds at home already. =p I remember going to the library with my siblings and my mom every week when we were younger even though my mom was busy with so many other things. We loved it. We just move to our home almost 2 years ago and was shocked at how small the library was, but after 20 years of waiting for the residents here, a new library was just completed in October. If you're interested in reading our library adventures here: It is so wonderful, and traffic at the library has increased greatly, which is so wonderful. I just love reading...anything.

I haven't done too much for the challenge since I started because we had birthday parties, etc etc. Hoping to get more done this week. Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for sharing the library pics!!! Love them.