Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 and a Giveaway!!

This giveaway has ended!! Thanks to all who commented. The winner is the blogger Wreaklamation!
For the past week I have been looking through blogs and articles, eagerly reading what others have planned for the new year. While I have not set any specific new year's resolutions, I am looking forward to this year as a year of many areas. I'd have to say that I plan to work most on ...or change the most... in the following three area (not in any particular order!!)


One of the blogs that I happened upon was Home Sanctuary. Each day Rachel posts "Today's Small Thing." The "small thing" is designed to help us make our home a sanctuary. They may be small things, but every small thing adds up!! Literally, too...because Rachel assigns points to each small thing and then points are tallied, sent in, and prizes are given at the end of each month. So far I've been able to accomplish each task given and I look forward to finding out what the task of the day will be! I know that this site will be a great help to me in getting the little things accomplished rather than putting them off...again and again!! I look forward to making my home more of a Sanctuary in 2010!

Bethany House Publishers sent me a free copy of "Closer" by Jim and Cathy Burns for review. The sub-title is Devotions to Draw Couples Together. After reading through this book, I will have to say that 2010 will be a year of working on my marriage. I look forward to going through this book with my husband. The Burns admit that they have tried just about every devotional and have not been disciplined enough to keep at it. I'm sure that's the case for most of us. Their book offers 52 chapters - each chapter is just a few pages long. So, there's enough to focus on just one short chapter per week for a year! At the end of each chapter is a section called "Faith Conversations." These conversations are three questions or statements to draw out conversation. After the "Faith Conversations," the chapters conclude with a section called "A Step Closer." This section requires more involvement, such as writing out the story of your relationship, setting goals, brainstorming date ideas, listing weakness of your marriage, etc. The chapters are short, yet packed with so much to think about and many ideas to implement into one's marriage. Very, very practical and doable. I, for one, am looking forward to going through this book with my husband this year.Last, but perhaps not's the dreaded thinking about how to get in shape/lose that weight in the coming new year. "The One Day Way" was provided to me for review by the Waterbrook-Multnomah Publishing Group. The premise of the book is to keep it simple, nothing complicated, expensive or temporary. The author, Chantel Hobbs, encourages you to keep your focus on today and today only. Personally, I felt that Chantel took a lot of time laying the foundation (the "how to think" part) of the book. But once I get farther along in actually working my way through this in actuality, I think I may find that I will need to go back and reread the beginning sections for motivation. (She's been there, done that, and most likely knows what she's talking about!) I have to say that the section on meal plans was fabulous! The foods are simple, easy to obtain, easy to make - they look like something I could stick with. There's a great section on strength-training workouts along with pictures. I highly recommend this book and expect it to be my constant companion throughout the coming year! You can purchase the book here.

The publishers have given me an extra copy of "The One Day Way" to give to one of my readers!! Just make a comment on this post telling me three things you plan on working on this coming year. Mention this giveaway in a post, tweet, etc. and let me know and you will receive two entries!!!


Barbara Jean said...

Where to being on what i will do this year.
Does a new inventory system on computer for my store count?
or should it only be improve your home type things.

I need to clean my sewing room and finish organizing my material.
And I am determined to clean my tub once a week.
I do not know where the time goes, but it just gets away from me and next thing i know it is dirty again and needs to be scrubbed.

For sure need to clean the garage.

Most importantly, over everything, and right after spending quality time with the Lord, is spending time with my folks, while my Dad still knows who i am.


Barbara Jean

One More Equals Four said...

Welcome to Company Girl and Coffee Talk--you will LOVE it! Rachel Anne is so creative and encouraging. I must admit that I haven't been too faithful this week in small things, I have had other things on my plate, but I did every single one last month and it makes such a difference!

Both of the books sound great, I need to try them out. I posted today about the taste of "diet" food. I think one of the things that make it hard to make a lifestyle change is the flavor (or lack there of) in "healthy" foods.

This year I am trying to increase my time and my relationship with the Lord, get back on track with exercise and healthy habits, and be more in tune with my kids during school hours (we home school).

What a great contest, thanks for doing it!

Debbie said...

Hi Cathy - thanks for visiting my blog.

Taking things one day at a time is a great goal - setting smaller goals for myself is probably my biggest focus. I tend to get overwhelmed by the larger picture - so I'm breaking things down - by day, by week, or by month depending on the task. This book sounds interesting! Thanks for letting me know about it!

carikaufm said...

Welcome to Company Girls! We're glad you are here!

Great reads sounds like...
Three things to work on:

Crystallizing the vision for Strings Attached Ministries (
Finishing the Strings Attached devotional
Working on my health/weight

Thanks for encouraging me to write them down!

MyJourneyBack said...

One of the things I didn't put on my goal/dream list was getting closer building my relationship with my Cowboy. Because it goes without saying actually. And, because last year it was my goal and well...I didn't do well. But here is what is on my list of goals: spending more time in prayer, doing better with Home sanctuary because it is through prayer and fulfilling my role as wife and homemaker that I can work on my relationship with Cowboy. And lastly I have a goal of spending some time every Sat. in my sewing room working on quilts. Because I love it and because it is my release and I get a little crazy when I don't get to.
So probably from this you can tell I need that book! Please enter me and later this afternoon I'll write a post and come back and let you know. I love Rachel Anne too she truly inspires. I will see you again. I am glad your joining.
Have a Belssed Day,

bashtree said...

I'm new here too, and I am really hopped up on your positive energy :) Closer looks like a great book to check out - thanks for the recommendation!!

Anna said...

I just started doing the small things at home sanctuary, too. It's been fun so far. :)

Melissa said...

My 3 things are to read books from own shelves that I haven't finished. I blogged about that one already. LOL Also to lose 100 pounds this year....and to be debt free. I have a plan for all 3. It's going to be a good year!

thanks for the book reviews. The devotional one looks good.

Michelle said...

Hi! Welcome--glad to stop by and visit. I'd love that book by Chantal Hobbs. This year I plan on working on 1)eating better/exercising 2)getting organized 3) family relationships

secondofwett said...

Welcome to Company Girls! Let's see..3 things...well, I would say strive to have more time withh my hubby, strive to have more fun time with my grandchildren...and strive to finally get all thhe trim painted in my house! (it's been waiting for 3 years!)...thanks for the contest!

LydiaCate said...

So glad you've joined the Company Girls! You WILL love Home Sanctuary!
Your book recommendations look great. Two topics worth delving into!
Three goals for me would be...
1. Taking my relationship with the Lord to a deeper level by getting more into the word, spending more time in prayer, and seeking Him out purposefully in all I do.
2. To be a better organizer...of our home, my business, and our school.
3. Spend more time on the needs of others.

Great to meet you! I'll look forward to visiting again!

Wreaklamation said...

This year, I plan on making my home make me feel happy, welcome, and peaceful, rather than overwhelmed, frustrated, and sad -- starting with getting rid of oodles of kids toys, parents' books, and miscellaneous crapola.

I am also going to work on a plan for returning to the workforce part time (in the middle of a recession, I know -- good luck to me!) without losing my mind.

Finally, I am going to work very hard on becoming healthy and smart about exercise and food choices so that I can become a healthier, happier person and better wife and mother.

joyceandnorm said...

Welcome to Company Girls Coffee!! Those small things will make a big difference!

3 things....Get healthier (we're pretty healthy, but I have no self-control when there is junk food in our house), get back to reading the Bible on a daily basis, spend more time with hubby

Have a great weekend!

Shawna R. B. Atteberry said...

Welcome to Company Girls coffee! My Hubby and I can't do devotions together. I like the Daily Prayer Office and Daily Readings in the Book of Common Prayer, and he has to do something...less complicated.

I'm reading French Women Don't Get Fat, and it sounds like The One Day Way. Changing how you think about food and simple recipes that include good-for-you foods that are at the store. I need to take off a few pounds and get in better shape too. Why does it have to be so much harder to lose it than put it on?

brenda said...

This year I would love to work on lots of things.. first would be to eat better. cook healthy meals. Second is to be more organized paper work, decutter house to make this happen.. third to give more.

Bless everyone in your efforts , would love to read this book

my home sanctuary said...

Oh looky your background is the same as mine. I was admiring your photo of the geraniums and then noticed it. I would love to enter your drawing please add me.
I enjoyed coming by you did so a great job on the fridge and pantry. I wish mine looked like that.
I am writing a review this weekend and offering a give a way too. Come over and check it and maybe we'll end up trading. LOL.
Have a Blessed Weekend

my home sanctuary said...

Oh I wrote a comment and don't know if it worked.
The shorter version here. Love the background same as mine. Love your geraniums. I would love to enter. Pick me. Pick me!
And, I loved the hard work you did on the pantry and fridge. I try to keep mine fridge door closed!
Come over and visit me I am writing a review tomorrow and offering a give a way too. Maybe we will up trading books! LOL.
Have a Blessed Weekend,

Heather said...

I'm a Company Girl too! I really only have one goal in mind for 2010 - I want to be more like Jesus Christ - I figure everything else will (super) naturally fall into place! I do need to loose weigh for health reasons, so that is also a focus, and I always long to be a better wife and mother! I've bookmarked your blog for future visits!

Heather said...

I did a whole post on this on my blog at the begining of the year hoping to keep with it, even put it on ym sidebar as a reminder.
1-to keep eating heathier
2-scrapbook more and try to catch up
3-and get more organized
That is why I am glad I found the home sancutuary website.
thnaks for the great gieveway

tzigane said...

this year i am working on these three things (in no order):
my marriage- we need to start doing our nightly devotions and prayer time again!
my children- making sure that i am spending quality time with them and teaching them to spend quality time with Christ daily
my home- this year we most likely will be moving into a new home (we have been living with my mother-in-law for 1 1/2 years now!) and taking a new job (dh as a senior pastor) so making sure my home is in order and running smoothly is a must!

tzigane said...

i also tweeted/facebooked about the giveaway!