Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

This past weekend I FINALLY pulled out some Christmas decor and spruced up the house just a bit. It doesn't seem like it should be Christmas time already and I'm having a hard time getting prepared!!

Today we had quite a bit of snowfall...
While the snow fell, I hunkered down inside and got serious about some baking!

I found the recipe for these cookies here. They looked delicious, so I had to give them a try.
I'm not really sure what this is, but it has lots of caramel, chocolate and white chocolate. Looks edible!!

I'm looking forward to the kids coming home from college this weekend and we're going to do some serious shopping...yes, I'm THAT far behind!!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Oh Merry Christmas! Your home looks lovely and your treats look yummy!!
Hugs, Lisa