Friday, October 30, 2009

Levi's Will - A Review

I had a scare when trying to log into my blog. Blogger said that the blog did not exist and that the name was available. Yikes!! Fortunately, it appeared as usual with my second attempt.

Today I would like to share a book with you that was provided to
me for review by Bethany House Publishers.
Levi's Will was an excellent read. Spanning 40 years, the book tells the story of Will, an Amish boy, who leaves behind his Amish life (including his pregnant Amish girlfriend). Keeping his past a secret, he enters WWII as a soldier, marries, and begins a new life. Levi believes that he can move forward; however, he begins to discover that he desperately desires his father's love and forgiveness. Will patiently seeks his father's forgiveness over a span of 30 years. During that time will is learning much about fatherhood as he raises two boys of his own. The author, W. Dale Cramer, sums up much of the book in one simple sentence 2/3 of the way into the book. "...every man's failure dips its roots into the previous generation and drops its seeds into the next." Levi's Will is the story of one man's realization of how that truth is working out in his own life.
The story line switches back and forth between different time periods, which at first seemed as if it would cause some confusion. I must admit that after reading a section in one time period, I was anxious to get back to the previous period to see how Will was faring there. Will is not a perfect character; he made poor choices many times. The author shows that God doesn't always work in the way we think He should and that there are consequences along with our choices. I will be looking for other books penned by W. Dale Cramer.
I so often wish that I had more time to read! I'm working on a journal so that I can keep track of the books that I actually do finish! What books are your favorites?

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Dolly said...

Cathy this book hits home for me! We have had a few amish boys leave the community and it just breaks our hearts!
We have stayed close friends with one but the others have moved on to new lifes!

Thanks for sharing!
Have a blessed weekend