Saturday, January 10, 2009


I have been given a Fabulous award from Tracey @ At Home on the Ridge.

(Thank you, Tracey!) So I am to pass this award on to blogs that I am addicted to and then list for you five things I am addicted to...OK, let's see...

1) I am addicted to HGTV, but my friend Pam assures me that this will pass. (Once having satellite TV newness wears off).

2) I am addicted to blogs...reading them...lots of them. :)

3) I am addicted to a morning cup of coffee.

4) I am addicted to reading. I read lots & often...the Bible, historical fiction, home decorating magazines, Christian fiction, inspirational, you name it...gotta have 2 or 3 books going at one time.

5) I am addicted to soaps, sprays, smelly stuff...that's why I make it! :)

Now, here are some blogs that I love to look at...and I tag you! Tell us what YOU are addicted to!! :)

My very good friend Beth @ Ragtop Originals - she is amazing and accomplishes so much!

My great friend Pam @ PamWardenArt - because, hey can't just sit and twiddle your thumbs all day...I'll keep you busy realizing what an addict you are!

Stephanie @ Angelic Accents - she is very sweet and has a sweet blog

Dolly @ From My Cherry Heart - because obviously she is addicted to cherries!! and RATS, I missed her swap!

Debbie @ Ribbonwood Cottage - Hey! She just did a post on what she is addicted to...she is one step ahead of me!

Don't forget...the special at my etsy shop - see post below - order any of my "favorites," tell me something that's your favorite and I'll throw in a FREE bar of soap!


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Cathy!! Happy Pink Saturday!! That has to be one of the things I'm addicted to!! :0)

Thanks so much for this very pretty award!! I'll post soon about it!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Pam Warden Art said...

Got's on my right sidebar. Thanks,

Inspired Tokens said...

I'm so glad to meet you Cathy. I love your blog and love your etsy shop. Two fragrant loving souls.

I received an email from Dolly from 'My Cherry Heart' and we are partners for the Vintage Heart Swap. I'm so excited ...I participated in Dolly's swap last year and met lots of great blogland friends.

The Stamper Story said...

awwwwwe..... as always, you inspire me! (and flatter me!) miss you

Nita Jo said...

I love your "addictions"... especially the HGTV one. It's not an easy one to get over...